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Nationally, real estate is experiencing a seller’s market. The Valrico real estate market is no exception with more buyers looking for homes than available properties. For sellers, the statistics are encouraging. On average, houses for sale in Valrico sell after only 40 days on the market, and the median listing price has increased 26.7% in the past year, with an increase of 9% in the past month alone.

Houses for sale in Valrico with two or more bedrooms are appreciating at a rate 61% faster than others on the market, making them a solid investment. In this strong seller’s market, buyers have more of a challenge. However, working with a traditional brokerage can give buyers a higher chance of buying and a greater sense of control throughout the whole process. For sellers, working with a brokerage will not only provide additional support but increase the chance of getting even higher offers.

In luxury real estate markets, traditional brokerages are distinct from different business models. Navigating online listings, developing offers, and navigating bidding wars are challenging to do on one’s own. Using a traditional brokerage to help you find homes for sale in Valrico, FL, is easily the most effective strategy for buyers to empower themselves in the whole process. Let’s examine why.

Highly Trained Real Estate Professionals

Employing a broker or real estate agent to buy or sell homes is not only common but the standard. Roughly 92% of residential real estate transactions in the United States are done this way. Traditional brokerages employ trustworthy, knowledgeable agents to guide clients throughout the process.

When choosing agents to work with their group, traditional brokerages are highly selective. They invest in their people through significant training to develop their greatest potential, making their agents some of the most knowledgeable in the field. Brokerages are also inclined to invest in and employ new technologies to better serve their clients. This dedication to their team and innovation ensures clients receive the best service possible, allowing for a seamless sale or purchase among many other critical benefits.

Personal Connections

Traditional brokerages offer clients much more than just a network of highly trained professionals - they offer a more personable experience. Working with an agent from a traditional brokerage means you’re entitled to hands-on communication. Expect phone calls and in-person meetings, as these agents respect their clients’ needs and are eager to answer questions and provide guidance as needed. Traditional brokerages pride themselves on going the extra mile for their clients and are as helpful when the time comes to sell.

Global connections

Not only do agents and brokers at traditional brokerages connect with their clients, but also with other professionals around the globe. In the luxury real estate market, it’s common for brokerages to have vast referral networks. This permits collaboration with other agents to co-list your property, and market it among other houses for sale in Valrico. With access to more resources and professionals, this benefit of using a traditional brokerage gives clients a distinct advantage they wouldn’t otherwise have.


Brand name recognition and credibility don’t happen overnight. There are brokerages that have stood the test of time in this competitive field because of the consistent value they provide clients. Discount brokerages are available but always come at a cost. They deliver underwhelming support, poor advice, and inconsistent communication. Clients become frustrated with this level of service and often end up seeking out a more experienced agent in the end.

Buying or selling a property is a critical event. Having peace of mind the transaction is going as smoothly as possible is invaluable, and a traditional brokerage will bring an impressive breadth of experience to deliver guidance, solutions, and resources other firms can’t. When the time comes to buy, working with the right agent will maximize your chance of success.

If you’re interested to learn more about the benefits of partnering with a traditional brokerage or for houses for sale in Valrico, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Brenda Wade. She and her team would love to show you houses and real estate for sale in Valrico, FL.


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